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PBC is a disease with high patient burden1,2

PBC is an autoimmune liver disease commonly characterized by progression of cholestasis that can lead to hepatic complications and decompensation1,2

  • Life expectancy is worse than general population, but the course of disease and prognosis vary greatly2
  • Fatigue and pruritus are prevalent symptoms which have a major impact on quality of life2
  • Some patients rapidly advance to end-stage disease and liver transplantation at a young age, while others remain asymptomatic for decades3

PBC disease progression3-7

Sequence of PBC disease progression Sequence of PBC disease progression

Some patients can progress to end-stage disease rapidly8

As the presentation of PBC varies amongst patients, so does progression3

Image showing progression from PBC diagnosis to cirrhosis Image showing progression from PBC diagnosis to cirrhosis
  • a Data from an analysis of recorded histological stages from liver biopsies performed annually during a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study in 222 PBC patients were analyzed using a Markov model to describe the time course of histological progression in PBC; of the patients at stage 1 at entry (n=15), 31% showed cirrhosis after 4 years.8
  • ALP, alkaline phosphatase; AMA, antimitochondrial antibody.

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